Snow Removal




The plan is being written to provide information regarding snow removal procedures and policies.  The plan is designed to provide guidance, while maintaining flexibility that will allow the streets to be cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible, while providing the best service possible to citizens and businesses in Beulah.


Preparing a snow removal plan that encompasses all scenarios is virtually impossible.  Therefore, this plan attempts to provide as much flexibility as possible while addressing the needs of the public.

  • Each piece of snow removal equipment is equipped with a Snow Gate.  The snow gate is used to LIMIT the amount of snow discharge in driveways and around mailboxes.  The snow gates are only effective for low to moderate snow accumulations.  Heavy snow accumulations will go over the top and slide in front of the snow gate.  Wet snow will put too much pressure on the snow gate and does not discharge when the gate is lifted.
  • Snow removal will not start until after main snowfall is done or winds diminish, unless an emergency arises. 
  • After the major snowstorm or blizzard conditions subside, major collector routes will be opened first, followed by all other streets and avenues as needed, to provide for residence and business service.



  • 7th Street from County Road 21 to Hwy. 49
  • Central Ave. N from Railroad Street to 22nd Street N
  • Lift Station #3 on 2nd Avenue SE to Beacon Lane on County Road 21
  • 16th Street from County Road 21 to Hwy. 49
  • Railroad Street from Central Ave. to Hwy. 49
  • County Road 21 at Beacon Lane to Ambulance Bay on Parkway Drive



  • Lorraines Addition – 1st Street from Hwy. 49 to Renee Drive to 2nd Street to Hwy. 49
  • Front Street from 2nd Avenue SE to Hwy. 49
  • Chaffee Row from East County Road to 2nd Ave. SE
  • Beacon Lane
  • County Road 21 to 16th St NE
  • 19th Street from 6th Avenue NE to Hwy. 49
  • 22nd Street from 6th Avenue NE to Hwy. 49
  • 6th Avenue NE from 16th Street NE to 22nd Street NE 
  • 12th Street from Central Avenue to Hwy. 49
  • Parkway Drive from Ambulance Bay to 10th Street NE
  • Cypress Drive from Beacon Lane to 10th Street NE 
  • 10th Street NE from County Road 21 to Beacon Lane
  • 7th Street from 12th Ave NE to County Road 21
  • Central Ave. S from Water Plant to Front Street
  • 2nd Street NW from Central Ave. to Hwy. 49


Preference will be given to those streets clear of vehicles.

  • Once the Collector Routes are open, snow removal operations will continue in other areas of the city starting with those that are the least passable.
  • After the storm has subsided and all streets have been cleaned, crews will begin hauling snow from the central business district and other “windrowed areas”.
  • The City uses a bottom ash/salt mixture and a sand/salt mixture.  The sand truck will be dispatched as conditions warrant.  Sand trucks will respond to the Beulah Police Department and Public Works Foreman.



Driveways and mailboxes may become impassable due to snow removal operations.  When this occurs it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the snow from the driveway and the mailbox.


In the event of a medical or fire emergency snow removal equipment will be dispatched to the location as well as assist emergency vehicles and responders to the location.


Ordinance #371 restricts any person or entity from throwing or blowing in any manner snow or ice onto any street or alley in the City of Beulah.


No person owning, occupying or using any private property in the city shall haul, move on to or dump on any city owned property unless specific permission is granted following confirmation from City Hall. 

No private contractors or residents will be allowed to collect and dump any snow collected from a private area onto the street, drainage ditches or other public property unless specific permission is granted following confirmation from City Hall.


Different weather conditions will require this plan to be modified as needed by the Public Works Foreman, City Planner and City Councilman responsible for the “Streets” portfolio.

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