A Community founded on Ag, Coal Mining and Power Production, Beulah continues to be the “Energy Capital of the Midwest” and is West/Central North Dakota’s anchor of growth and activity.  “High Tech” Industry and Mining provide a unique growth base for existing business as well as the service sector businesses and Health Care presence that have selected Beulah as the place to expand and grow the last several years.

The City of Beulah has taken an aggressive approach to work with existing business expansion as well as attract new business and industry to the community.  In addition to the unique financial incentives we can provide to assist business expansion as well as new business startups, we offer a climate favorable to families, which is just as important, since those families will be you and your employees.  The quality of life in Beulah ranks high in every important category due to our “Blue Ribbon” Schools of Excellence, low crime rate, friendly communities and abundance of recreational and “Fitness” opportunities. 

North Dakota and a BEULAH location, is a great place to live, work and do business.  We have a favorable tax climate that promotes business growth and opportunity through “Housing tax incentives” and leveraging innovative financing opportunities.  We design business plans and incentives to give businesses the opportunity to succeed.

The Beulah Jobs Development Authority is an experienced team ready to assist you with your growth and expansion plans.  We make it our business to understand your business and put together a financial package to make your company profitable.  Let us review your plans and assist you in preparing a creative and competitive financial package.

Here are big reasons businesses thrive in BEULAH

  • Well-educated, self-motivated workforce
  • Cutting edge technology infrastructure

Here’s What the Beulah Jobs Development Authority Can Do For You And Your Business

  • Powerful  financial incentives (including low-interest loans)
  • Support and leverage in procuring county, regional and state development resources
  • Experienced advisors to provide innovative solutions for overcoming the challenges that come with any business venture

We encourage you to look at what BEULAH has to offer.  We are dedicated to committing leadership, resources and time to make you feel welcome and a place you want your business to locate and your employees to live and work. 

For more information, contact:
Granville Beaver Brinkman, Development Director
PO Box 910
Beulah, ND 58523-0910
Phone:  701-873-2110
Cell:  701-880-2625

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