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Economic Development


Beulah Job Development Authority (JDA)
(Approved 2/27/2023)

 The Beulah Job Development Authority is focused on the continued growth and prosperity of the Beulah Community by assisting our local businesses in creating and retaining jobs.  This authority has been given by the City of Beulah for the betterment of the community.  The long term vision sees that financial assistance in the beginning crucial years promotes continued success and enrichment to our community. 

JDA accomplishes this task by partnering with business, financial institutions, developers and entrepreneurs to assist with additional financial resources.  Our primary focus is evaluating and approving:
Interest Buydowns,
Rental Assistance,
Storefront/Signage Assistance,
Website Development Assistance
and at times partnering to assist in refurbishing dilapidated commercial building and providing miscellaneous grant and loans for projects on a case by case basis.

Specific Areas of Focus:  Job Growth, Job Retention and Overall Prosperity of the Beulah Community. 

All Program Applications should provide the following information:

  1. Business owner(s)
  2. Name of business
  3. Type of business and location
  4. Length of time in the community or area
  5. Short and long term goals
  6. Current number of employees
  7. Projected number of future employees
  8. Name of Program(s) applying for
  9. Use of funds from the Program(s)
  10. Any additional information as requested the JDA including a credit approval by a third- party professional if requested.
  11. Request to meet in person with JDA to present the application

Geographic Location of Focus (from most to least):

  1. Commercially zoned city limits of Beulah
  2. City limits of Beulah
  3. Beulah address
  4. Mercer and Oliver Counties

There is no guarantee of approval.

 JDA reserves the right to modify Programs at its discretion.

Default or failure to meet guidelines in one Program may constitute for failure to meet guidelines in all programs.  JDA reserves the right to cancel its obligation(s) due to failure in any Program.

JDA reserves the right to limit participation in Programs, including but no limited to:  total dollars of assistance and number of Programs for approval. 

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