Civic Center





  1.  Mercer County Fair will have priority to the Civic Center during fair days
  2.  Governmental entities have priority when not used by the Mercer County Fair (political parties are not considered a governmental entity)
  3.  Major conventions
  4.  Motor Vehicle Department will have use of the small meeting room two days per month (2nd and 4th Thursday)

Other Use:

  1. Meetings by civic & youth based organizations, companies, businesses, schools, church events - excluding weekly service (meetings must have 10 or more people)
  2. Graduations, weddings and anniversaries
  3. Fund raisers and benefits (charitable and private)
  4. Organized recreational activities in gym
  5. Public dances (gym only)
  6. Auctions and rummage sales (gym only)
  7. Other usage as approved by City Council Member holding the Civic Center Portfolio

Rental Policy

  1. All rental and use of the Civic Center will be scheduled through City Hall.
  2. The Civic Center key must be returned to City Hall the following day, or on Monday if rented for a weekend.
  3. Rental fees, if not paid in advance, must be paid when keys are returned. (Special arrangements may be made in advance to have user billed for the fee.)
  4. Deposits must be paid in advance of the event or anything removed from the building.
  5. Renter is responsible for turning off lights and locking building after activity is completed.
  6. Any excessive mess left after an event will be billed for cleaning at the rate of $25 per hour. Civic Center will not be rented to that individual or organization again until bill has been paid.
  7. Renters will be held financially responsible for any and all damages occurring during their use.
  8. No alcoholic beverages are to be sold or given away at a public dance or any other rental function unless a special license is obtained from the City Council.
  9. Drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 is a violation of the law for which the renter will be held accountable.
  10. Renter is responsible for making arrangements for the policing of public dances.
  11. No open flames or food fryers are permitted except in the Civic Center kitchen.  No bouncy house or similar amusement equipment are allowed on the Civic Center proprty. 

Alcohol – May be allowed through a special event permit provided by City Hall and approved at a City Council meeting. The permit must go through a local liquor store or bar.


Federal, State, County, and City Governments holding meetings, concerning public policies or issues, will not be charged rent. Governmental agencies holding meetings to promote specific policy, or educate the public and commercial sectors on certain issues, will be charged rent.

West Side Meeting Room – Full Day Only

Public & Private $ 75.00
Commercial $200.00
Civic & Youth Based Organization Meetings N/C
Charitable Benefits (Not for individual honors/trips.)  N/C

Kitchen Fee – Full Day Only

Non Profit Organizations  $ 75.00 
Public & Private (family reunions, birthdays, graduation) $ 75.00
Commercial $100.00
Charitable Benefits N/C

Gymnasium – Full Day Only

Organized Activities $100.00 
Meetings $100.00
Charitable Benefits N/C

Commercial Use:

Auctions $250.00  (Plus $25.00 for early setup night before) 
Rummage/Craft Sales $125.00 (Plus $25.00 for early setup night before)
Public Dance $200.00 (Plus $250.00 Deposit)

* If setup includes the whole day before, must pay the full day rate.

Entire Building (not including DOT room) – Full Day Only

Non Commercial  $225.00
Commercial $350.00

Alcohol Use

Alcohol Use (No charge to nonprofit or charitable events)   $100.00
Special Event Permit  $ 25.00 

The renter must ask a local business with an alcohol license to provide this service and sign the permit.
The permit must be approved at a regularly scheduled Beulah City Council Meeting before the event.


A $100.00 Security Deposit will be required prior to the removal of Civic Center “designated” chairs and tables from the building.

Kitchen Appliances will only be made available for use outside the building for a city related function or approval by the councilman holding the Civic Center portfolio. (No dishes, serving pieces, or utensils will be made available for use outside the building.)

$100.00 Security Deposit will be required prior to any appliances being removed from the building.

Removal of Property from the building will be done under the supervision of an authorized city employee and completing the required “checkout sheet” with signature. Security deposits must deposited at City Hall prior to anything being removed from the Civic Center. Security Deposits will be held for five days and then become property of the City of Beulah if the chairs, tables or kitchen appliances are not returned and properly checked in.

Damage Compensation Fees If the Security Deposit is not an amount that will cover the cost of repair or replacement of damaged tables, chairs or kitchen appliances, the individual or organization that removed the property from the building will be held responsible and billed for the balance of the cost to replace or bring the property into a condition when it was borrowed.


Repeated use of the building for special events, classes, or training sessions will be permitted if the event/function will be providing a training opportunity, service or benefit to those residents in Beulah or the immediate area to enhance their “life skills” or “quality of life”. Fee for use of the facility will be based on the charges by the instructor to the participant with consideration given to that fee being made affordable to allow for family and broad range participation for all income levels. Also, the special event, class or training session will be evaluated relative to the material or class criteria and its importance for participants to secure the information and training. All repeated use requests will be evaluated by the councilman holding the Civic Center portfolio and recommendation made to the City Council.

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