Dakota Westmoreland

Dakota Westmoreland Corporation - Beulah Mine is a 9,000-acre surface mine complex located 75 miles northwest of Bismarck, North Dakota. It currently produces lignite from one active pit.

Beulah Mine - North DakotaCoal from this operation supplies the fuel requirements for the adjacent 427 megawatt Coyote Generating Station. Coyote is a low-cost, base-load generation facility that utilizes emission control technologies and purchases all of its lignite from the Beulah Mine.  Dakota Westmoreland also owns and controls a four-mile rail spur that connects the mine and plant to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad’s Stanton line, which it uses to supply the two-unit 75 megawatt Heskett Station, located 74 miles away.

The Beulah Mine produces approximately 2.9 million tons of lignite annually.