Coteau Freedom Mine

Dakota Coal is not a mining company. It controls rights to lignite reserves in North Dakota and provides financing for the Freedom Mine north of Beulah, ND. Dakota Coal is also responsible for marketing Freedom Mine lignite production. The Freedom Mine is owned and operated by The Coteau Properties Company, a subsidiary of the North American Coal Corporation, Dallas, TX.

Dakota Coal's customers include Basin Electric's Antelope Valley Station, near Beulah, ND; the Leland Olds Station, near Stanton, ND; and Dakota Gasification Company's Great Plains Synfuels Plant, adjacent to Antelope Valley Station.

Dakota Coal and Coteau work closely with their customers to ensure lignite quality doesn't hamper daily plant operations. Customers know the quality of every shipment of lignite coal before they receive it. This information helps them handle their fuel to meet production and emissions goals.